While the world has been changing around us, our mission to deliver a great experience to guests has not. Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, Atlas Hotels has been providing accommodation to over 650 social care users from our local communities.

Holiday Inn Express Stoke on Trent is one of the hotels open to protect rough sleepers from the virus outbreak. More than 30 people have been isolating in the hotel while getting the help they need - from Concrete, Stoke City Council and Walk Ministries - to get back on their feet. 

Gareth Beeston, Hotel Operations Manager of Holiday Inn Express Stoke on Trent said:

Once we realised that there was an opportunity out there to help and make such a difference to people’s lives during these times it was really exciting news. It’s been really rewarding for everyone involved over the past couple of weeks since we started to be part of this fantastic project, the team and I have enjoyed welcoming everyone into the hotel and we are now on first name terms with all of our residents which is great!"

Sean Lowe, CEO of Atlas Hotels said:

"The team at Stoke feel very much part of the wider community.  We were not surprised that they were so willing to help out in this way. The staff at the hotel are a credit to Atlas and to the city of Stoke, we’re all very proud that they’ve played a part in helping others during the crisis.  Obviously the work is very different from what the team are used to, normally the hotel has business and leisure guests, being where it is situated, but the team see all residents as valued guests, whatever the circumstances and we’re proud that the standards and care is the same as it always is."

Other Atlas Hotels supporting social care users:

We're also proud to have been supporting key workers with vital accommodation during the Coronavirus outbreak, while they support the nation. We have 17 hotels open across the UK for essential workers, with revised operations standards to keep both guests and employees safe.