We spoke to Holiday Inn Express Hemel Hempstead's new Hotel Operations Manager - Daniel Gallagher - about his career history, adapting to hotel life during a pandemic and why he's excited to join the Atlas family. 

Tell us a bit about yourself, how long have you worked in hospitality?

I have worked in hospitality my whole career starting after finishing my Master’s degree in International Business I moved to Melbourne Australia and began working with a growing restaurant chain eventually becoming an Area Manager. After four years there I decided to move back to Ireland and got into the hotel industry then. After a year or so I decided to move to the UK with my fiancé and continued in hotels working as Deputy GM of Holiday Inn Borehamwood, got made redundant due to COVID and then got the HOM position with Atlas.

How well are you adapting to the current changes working in a hotel?

We’re all adapting the best we can. A lot of the changes go against the traditional aspects of hospitality but we all realise we must do what we have going forward and use our combined knowledge to develop new ways of providing guest satisfaction.

Looking to the future, what are you most looking forward to working in the Atlas family?

I am looking forward to developing professionally. As a HOM, you are the number one voice in the hotel and can see first-hand changes that you have made. After only a week, I have found the other HOMs to be a great source of information and help, in my cluster and beyond. I'm looking forward to contributing myself where I can.