Say hello to Jo - she's an Area Sales Manager in our impressive Sales team here at Atlas. Find out more about Jo below in our Q&A...

Tell us a bit about yourself and your career history so far?

I joined Atlas as an Area Sales Manager on my Birthday in July 2019. This is my first regional role as prior to this I was an on-property Sales Manager at a hotel in Oxford. It’s been an eventful first year; I was just getting into the swing of things then COVID hit us. I can’t wait to get back to being out of the road, meeting clients and seeing my colleagues in the hotels.

Tell us about your life outside of work, what would people normally find you doing?

I’m a mum of two, so they keep me on my toes, but I’m a social girl – so I love meeting friends and having a drink, I’m a bit of a shopper too!

What are you most grateful for in 2020?

My support network, at work and at home. I couldn’t have done it without them.

Which one of the Atlas values means the most to you and why?

Such a difficult one because all are necessary, but probably Work Together, at a time when we were so remote from friends and colleagues it was essential to communicate and work together.

If you had to pick one song that got you through 2020, which song would it be?

Three Little Birds by Bob Marley, summery and positive!