Say hello to Lee, one of our team members at our new Edinburgh - City West hotel. With 13 years experience in the previous hotel, we're super lucky to have Lee as part of the team: 

Give us a brief summary of your current role at Atlas Hotels

I have been with the hotel previously for 13 years but with Atlas Hotels since November 2019 as a team member and the journey between then and the lockdown in March has been fantastic. The sense of teamwork & support in the hotel, from other hotels and central office, is great. Agnes our HOM and Charlene COM have also been a great support. I was also lucky enough to spend 4 weeks training at the Holiday Inn Express Edinburgh Waterfront to learn how Express hotels operate.

The training I had from Fiona and her team was valuable and helpful in preparing me for when we opened on the 1st April. I'm looking forward to many years ahead with Atlas.

Tell us about your life outside of work, what would people normally find you doing? 

Out of work you'll find me with my adorable Jack Russell Mr Benjamin Hendy-McDonald Green Woof ( that's his short name ). I have a passion for gardening, interior design, DIY and I'm also a qualified ceramics teacher.

What are you most grateful for in 2020?

What I'm most grateful in 2020 for is the health of myself, friends & colleagues. I'm grateful to Atlas Hotels for keeping our jobs secure in such difficult times.

Which one of the Atlas values means the most to you and why? (Be Guest Focused, Work Together, Show Commitment, Strive for Quality)

All Atlas values are important but Work Together stands out more for me as everyone pulls and works together as one, we are all here to achieve the same goal.

If you had to pick one song that got you through 2020, which song would it be?

My song for 2020 would have to be, UB40 with Chrissie Hynde - I've got you, babe.