Everyone meet Lindsey, our Senior Marketing Executive at Atlas with creative ideas coming out of her ears. Catch what she said below: 

Give us a brief summary of your current role/career history with Atlas so far

I started with Atlas back in 2013. I worked at our Glasgow Airport hotel as a Guest Service Assistant for a couple of years and then an opportunity came up to join the Marketing Team. I’m now in my third marketing role with the company and it’s nice to reflect on my journey so far.

Tell us about your life outside of work, what would people normally find you doing? 

During the week I like to go to the gym. At the weekends, I love eating out and spending time with my friends/family. I also love going to gigs and festivals (what are those?) so looking forward to being able to do that sometime soon. I like to bake as a hobby but not quite up to Bake Off standard just yet.

What are you most grateful for in 2020?

I’m grateful for a lot of things, 2020 put things into perspective. The main one is that all my friends and family are healthy. I’m grateful for podcasts as they’ve served me well on all my walks in the past year!

Which one of the Atlas values means the most to you and why? (Be Guest Focused, Work Together, Show Commitment, Strive for Quality)

Show Commitment is a big one for me. I’ve got to where I am today by taking pride in my work, being passionate about learning and being adaptable. I like the quote ‘Commitment is the foundation of great accomplishments’ because it’s true. If you put in the time and stick with it, good things will happen. 

If you had to pick one song that got you through 2020, which song would it be?

Icarus - Sirens. I managed to squeeze in a trip to Skye/Harris in September and it just reminds me of a happy time, driving around the beautiful scenery in the north of Scotland. Take me back!