We spoke to Holiday Inn Express London Chingford's new Hotel Operations Manager - Lindsay Glenn - with over 20 years hospitality experience, find out more about Lindsay why he's excited to join the Atlas family. 

Tell us a bit about yourself, how long have you worked in hospitality?

I’ve been in hospitality for around 20 years altogether; I started as a part-time nightclub bartender before university and somehow it’s spiralled into a career! Most recently I was a manager of a large nightclub in Hull so this is a bit of change of pace for me.

How well are you adapting to the current changes working in a hotel?

We’re adapting well in the hotel; customer expectations have shifted drastically across every area of hospitality but the majority of our guests seem to be appreciating what we’re doing to adapt and create a safer, cleaner space for them, while still remaining welcoming.

Looking to the future, what are you most looking forward to working in the Atlas family?

The focus that is placed on staff development and relationships within Atlas is fantastic. One thing I love about hospitality is that it’s a career that’s open to absolutely anyone from any background with any experience (or lack of!) so I’m really looking forward to having the people behind the hospitality being my focus.


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